Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tai Chi Instructor

Tai Chi Instructor
What will be I doing?
            Teaching Tai Chi, a soft-style martial art that is said to improve people’s health and fitness

What will I need to start?
            Tai Chi instructor Emee Chua( suggests you affiliate with the Wushu Federation of the Philippines by taking up classes with them.

Who will my customer be?
            People aged 30 and above are said to be the most appreciative of this sport because of its slow and delicate movements. Most of these people have health concerns, but they get to burn a lot of calories without rigid or speedy movements that are likely to cause injuries.

How much should I charge?
            P300 to P500 per student per session lasting one to two hours. Ideally, you should meet your students twice to three times a week.

How much will I make?
            P900 to 1,500 per session depending on how many students sign up.

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