Sunday, 20 October 2013

Muralist - Customized

13. Muralist
What will i be doing?
          Artwork on a wall, ceiling, or any other large surface. the standard mural size is four by seven feet, and it will take you about a week to complete one.

What will i need to start?
         A certain flair and knacks for the arts and willingness to work using acrylic and latex paints, masking tape, paintbrushes, pencils and a stool to reach the wall or ceiling.

Who will my customers be?
        Hotels, restaurants and people looking to add character or inject a bit of art into their homes.

How much should i charge?
        P1,500 to P2,500 a square meter plus the cost of materials

How much will i make?
        you'll need to spend on materials for practice initially, but your client will reimburse you for all materials needed for a project and pay you 100% of the amount agreed.

14. Customized Shoemaker
What will i be doing?
          Designing and making shoes to order.

What will i need to start?
          Some creativity and a flair for designing and a pair of leather scissor, a sewing machine, neddles and thread, insoles, lace, lining, and a big supply of shoe fabric.

Who will my customers be?
        People who want special shoes and companies or groups ordering in bulk

How much should i charge?
        P400 to P5,000 a pair depending on the design, material, and quantity ordered. Fashionable shoes are priced higher because they're one of a kind and are made from more expensive materials. functional shoes are cheaper since they're made from the same materials and produced in bulk

How much i will make?
        Expect 30 to 40 percent of your income to pay for initaila equipment and materials. You keep the rest.

How do i get started
        Start browsing magazines and visiting shoe stores to learn the parts of a shoe and how to design and make it. practice by making a few shoes for yourself, your family and friends before offering your services to other.

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