Saturday, 3 August 2013

Watch Reseller - Telemarketer

15. Watch Reseller

What will i doing?
         selling wristwatches

What will i need to start?
        A steady source of wristwatches. You either sell specialty watches or watches of a particular brand that you deliver to buyers. Use brochures, flyers, and business cards to promote your business

Who will my customers be?
       Funky rubber and plastic watches for children or expensive leather and metal watches(rolex, timex etc.) for adults. You may also customize your watches and sell them in bulk as gifts or corporate giveaways.

How much should i charge?
       Your customers will expect your watches to be less expensive than those found in retail stores if you operate from home like most watch seller. This means your price should fall somewhere between what a piece of watch has cost you to buy and a retail store's selling price, but you may add a minimum 30 percent margin on a rare piece

16. Telemarketer
What will e be doing?
         Calling up prospective or existing customers for a telephone survey or sell products or services

What will i need to start?
      Good English communication skills. Most companies will also expect you to have a bachelor's degree and be willing to work the graveyard shift, and regard you as more than qualified if you're computer literate and can speak another foreign language besides English.

Who will my customer be?
       You may send your resume to companies such as The Advertiser, Career Quest Inc. ang John Clements Consultants Inc for a part time job

How much should i charge?
       P8,000 to P18,000 initially. The more experienced you are, the higher the salary yo may demand

How much will i make?
      Your salary minus transportation and other cost.

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