Monday, 12 August 2013

Poker table / Fung shui

5.Poker Table 

What will i be doing?
       Building poker tables

What will i need to start?
      A plan for making poker tables, carpentry equipment, and good sources of wood and other materials for your table.

Who will my customer be?
     Begin by offering your services to poker playing friends and relatives

How much should i charge?
    P12,000 to 22,000 depending on the table's size, shape(oval, rectangular, round, etc), the quality of the wood and felt used, and fixings such as beer bottle holders and ash tray nooks. The type of table you make will depend on what the customer wants, so it's best to make a design secure the raw materials, and then give a quote after adding 50 to 60% to your cost

How much will i make?
    A standard poker table cost around P8,000. Once you deduct all the cost from your customer's payment, whatever's left is yours.

6.Fung shui 

What will be doing?
    Looking at homes and offices and advising people how these may be re designed or some of their features altered to achieve harmony. You may also offer fortune telling and geomancy services as most of the people approaching you will ask you to fix specific problems in their lives.

What will i need to start?
   A deep knowledge of feng shui the Chinese art of harmonic placement a compasss, an electromagnetic meter, and a good Chinese almanac. You may find good feng shui materials at The World of Fung Shui boutique on the ground floor of The Podium in Ortigas, Pasic City

Who will my customer be?
    People believing in feng shui, but in particular businessmen and housewives.

How much should i charge?
   Fung shue specialists don't receive standard fees; instead, your client will give you donations or ampao red envelopes with money inside. should a job require you to go abroad, expect $10,000 and free airfare and lodging.

How much will i make?
   100% of your ampao

How do i get started?
   You may take a diploma course at the World Taoism Association temple on 1818 Dr. A Vasquez street Malate, Manila.

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