Monday, 26 August 2013

Knowing thyself

Knowing thyself

I want to be a doctor... a newscaster.. a chef.... an artist...

the secret to any great idea and any great endeavor begins and ends with "I" . Knowing one's self is the foundation for bringing out one's purpose and passion. As parents, we need to empower our children with their personal capital. this simple formula helps our children not only develop an entrepreneurial mind but also acquire the success factor.

I + I = I (intelligence + interest = idea)

Intelligence Parent Enablers:
Strengths to Success

There is good news for parents:
All children are SMART and it is our job as parents and teachers to bring out the strengths of our children.
Gone are the days when our dreams for our children are limited by their school performance.
Intelligence is no longer limited to the top 10% of every class. intelligence has been redefined by Harvard based cognitive psychologist, Dr. Howard Gardner. His theory of multiple intelligences has demonstrated that there are many forms of intelligence not measured by standard IQ tests. He defines intelligences as the ability to solve problems and fasshion products that have cultural value.

In the Book Frames of Mind and other writings, he argues that all of us have eight different kinds of intelligence at varying levels.

How does the theory of Multiple Intelligence's change our lens as parents? it empowers  us to enable our children for success. instead of looking at our children and saying " Ito ang matalino at ito ang bobo." we change our question from " how smart is my child?" to How is my child smart? It presumes that children have their own unique intelligence's and it encourages parents to hone these and make their child's  intelligence shine.

Parents take on the role as strength detectives. helpin children discover their strengths is the best capital we can give them. Most succesful entrepreneurs do not start their business to make money. They do some Because they are either good at it or interested in it. helping children discover their intelligence's allows them to fulfill their potential.

Succesful entrepreneurs have discovered and used their intelligence's in their chosen field. What is interesting is that many entrepreneurial endeaavors are triggered by an experience early on in life, education, or are inspired by someone who believed in him - a parent , a grandparent, a teacher, a friend - and gave him opportunities to make his intelligence bloom. thus, in the journey of the entrepreneurial mind, parents, being the most significant people in a child's life may either bring out or kill blossoming intelligneces.

Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligence's proves a solid foundation upon which to identify and develop a broad spectrum of abilities in every child. The eight intelligence's that we all have are: Linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, naturalist intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence and intraperonal intelligence

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