Monday, 26 August 2013

Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor
What will I be doing?
            Teaching students how to drive and park their cars

What will I need to start?
            A professional driver’s license and lots of patience. If you prefer to teach in a driving school like A1 or Socialite, you’ll need to show your resume and if they hire you, they’ll endorse you to the Land Transportation Office to secure an instructor’s license. (Keep in mind, however, that you may hat to set your schedule according to what the driving school demands). If you decide to teach driving independently, you’ll have to provide your own car and promotional materials.

Who will my customer be?
            Usually, high school students and older people

How much should I charge?
            At A1 driving School the charges are P2,500 for five days, P3,500 for seven days, P5,000 for 10 days, and P7,500 for 15 days. Automatic driving courses cost P2,750 for five days, P3,850 for seven days, P5,500 for 10 days, and P8,250 for 15 days.

How much will I make?
            You’ll be getting a salary if you choose to teach in driving school. As an independent driving instructor, however, you’ll be paying for gas but you’re free to set your fees.

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