Wednesday, 11 September 2013

People Smart

Interpersonal Intelligence
People Smart

Interpersonal Intelligence is the ability to understand people and relationships. Children whose strength is being people smart often become leaders. They are popular but may or may not excel in school. They are very good at friendships because they can empathize, collaborate and move and move other into working towards a common goal. Since life involves interacting with others, a strong interpersonal intelligence may actually be a bigger factor behind success than the ability to read a book or solve a math problem. Their interest in people enables them to think of ways to network with others.

Parenting tips on how to raise
People Smart entrepreneurs

1. Find clubs, collaborative activities and play ground: people smart people thrive in a group setting. This is where they best hone their leadership and social skill. Thus, encourage your child to join clubs and after school activities.At home, play cooperative board games or non competitive sports as a family to develop interpersonal skills. You may even have supervised play groups at home for young children to give them the opportunity to work in a group. For teens, encourage them to be active in the student council or expose them to multi cultural experiences to broaden their understanding of others.

2. Reach out to others: Empathy is a skill of people smart children. Develop this by creating opportunities for your child to volunteer(e.g haribon, Boy Scout/Girl Scout) or be part of an outreach program(e.g feeding programs in the barangay). visit other children in orphanages and institutions and ask your child to share old toys and clothes. High School students can offer to tutor and teach children in the nearby public school. Charity can also begin at home by assigning your child chores, such as helping a younger sibling with homework or being a grandparent's helper. This will make them more helpful and compassionate towards other, and may also lead to a career as a public servant, coach or teacher.

3.Get them to be street smart: People smart kids enjoy talking to people. Take your child to work and explain what you do. If you won the business, ask him to do simple jobs such as answering phone calls and helping in the store. Doing so will help develop his entrepreneurial mindset.

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