Friday, 26 July 2013

Positive Thinking Builder

Positive Thinking Builder

1. Can do vs Can't do mindset

Our mental attitude determines the limits we set for ourselves. a can do mindset can open doors for our children and helps empower them. It's Interesting how children's view of themselves change with age.

When I am among preschoolers, and I ask them, How many of you think you are smart?, every single hand goes up. But when I am among high school students, only a few do the same.

The mindset and attitude toward taking charge of situations are very important because these will determine whether a person will develop an entrepreneurial mind.

As a parents and teachers, we need to teach children to see themselves positively and as positive agents of charge.

It is normal for children to say I can't do it!  It's to hard! I'm not good enough  I'm dumb. That's only for smart kids, That's the way it is. I can't do anything about it. But we have to try and correct these pessimist attitudes because these hamper their ability and desire to work hard or come up with a solution.

What we want is for our children to believe that they can be what they want to be. If they develop this can do mindset, then they are on their way to achieving great thins. It is attitude that limits us.

As a parent and educator, I know how important it is to play a role in building  a positive attitude among children. We can do this by giving children enough opportunities to show that they can do it. Give simple goals or tasks they can achieve and appreciate them for doing them.

At home, we can also assign our children simple jobs that have an impact on the real world so that they can appreciate that small actions can make a big difference. You can ask your child to segregate waste and the money earned from selling recyclables can be his extra allowance.

Just make sure that when you give children responsibilities, you also hold them accountable for their actions. This will teach them to take charge, be self motivated and see projects through.

2. It's Possible vs It's impossible 
Napoleon Hill was right when he said that Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve

We thus need to encourage our children to ask themselves how they can change situations and dream of what possible. This kind of positive thinking will give birth to innovation, which is at the core of the entrepreneurial mind. Walt Disney built his empire on dreaming of what is possible and stretching imagination. In fact, he created a career of imagineering. encourage children to similarly dream of new thins. Support them by giving them access to the latest information. For example, young boys who have an interest in cars should be encouraged to sketch the future car model of their dreams and give it high tech features that do not exist yet. Give them car magazine and visit showrooms with them to open their minds to endless possibilities. Student were challenged to design their own shoes for presentation to the mentor who owned a number of shoe companies. To encourage a positive attitude, it is important that parents and teachers respect ideas no matter how crazy or improbable some of them are. With proper guidance and access to information, they will figure out which ideas are viable without having to put them down. it is sad to hear statements such as Get your head out of the clouds, stop dreaming! that will not put food on the table. or that not possible. It has never been done! Instead of nipping their ideas in the bud, encourage experimentation. Allow children to make mistakes and tell them that it's all right to make them. Once children start having the It's possible attitude, they will be able to create and innovate.

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