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Allow your child to practice and volunteer to gain experience
“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first by Reflection, which is noblest: second, by Imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”
There are three ways to gain valuable experience.

Volunteerism. Get your child into volunteer program hands on manila is a great organization that allows you and your child to get involved in the following areas: Arts, Health and Nutrition, Sport and Recreation, Caring for the Community and the Earth, Caring for children and the Elderly. You can also get them involved in environmental volunteerism through Haribon, which has many activities for children and families, or Greenpeace.

On – the – Job Training.
Children into programs to give them a feel of working. Some restaurants such as Fridays and McDonalds have programs for kids. Your teen can get a summer job in a place that interests him.

Apprenticeship – let your child experience the real world before he joins it. One of our 4th year high school students was deciding whether to take up medicine. The summer before his last year in high school, he asked a doctor who was a family friend if he could volunteer in his clinic. This enable him to make an informed decision for college. Other students can volunteer in preschools if they want to go into education; in barangay, if they want to go into public service; in stores, if they want to go into retail. They can also become assistants to photographers or events organizers.

Benjamin Liuson, President,
The Generic Pharmacy
“My brother and I grew up in a traditional Chinese family. From high school to college, we helped in our family business, which were involve in making eyeglasses and picture frames. I used to check the totals and did the math. Instead of getting a salary, I offered to sell products and get a commission. I preferred earning money that way.”

*The Generic Pharmacy currently has 880 stores, which the company achieve three years after it started franchising. By the end of 2010. the company project to have 1,000 stores. It will then be the biggest drugstore chain in the country, according to Mr. Luison.

The Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship – Go Negosyo offers free mentoring services to aspiring and starting entrepreneurs. They have available “Angelpreneurs” or Entrepreneurship educators and mentors from different fields of expertise in entrepreneurship, such as:

*Mindset and Character Building/ Formation/Leadership
* Spotting Business Opportunities
*Product Development and Innovation
*Operations and Productivity
*Financial Literacy

*Agri Business
*Beauty and wellness
*Social Entrepreneurship
*Arts and Crafts
*Science and Technology

Go Negosyo Angelpreneurs and Mentor can be easily reached through the Go Negosyo Website( or through

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