Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bennoti the Original Italian Espresso Coffee Long Lasting Rich & Creamy Taste (300 Capsules 10 Boxes, Long Cap)

  • 300 Single Dose Bennoti Espresso Capluses
  • Vacuum sealed packed for fresher brewing
  • Works with any Bennoti Coffee machine
  • The original Italian Espresso
  • World famous Italian coffee

List Price: $119.95
Special Offer: check this out!

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Product Description
These capsules exclusively made to work with the Bennoti coffee makers machines and together will leave an addictive taste in your mouth. Packed in a protective environment exclusively for your Espresso Cap Machine. In every Bennoti cap, the coffee is measured, ground, pressed and sealed in an air tight container to maintain a long lasting aroma and taste. Unlike other caps or pods where water enters the center and exits immediately out the bottom (not using coffee on the sides), Bennoti capsules do not open up until the water enters all of it completely, thus utilizing all the coffee in it. Bennoti Capsules contain premium quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans selected from around the world and ground in Italy. Decaffeinato is a rich blend of coffee with all the taste and aroma minus the caffeine. It is a medium-bodied espresso with light acidity, which combines low caffeine (no higher than 0.1%) with a rich aroma and creamy taste. The mixture of Guatemala and Santos Fancy Arabica and Cameroon Robusta give the full body taste while the caffeine is removed using an indirect method which brings back all the flavour known as the "Swiss water process". Espresso, caff normale, cappuccino; sometimes it seems that there are as many types of coffee in Italy as there are pastas. And just like pasta, Italian coffee is an art form with many customs and traditions. Whether it's a caff corretto thrown back like a shot, a cappuccino and brioche for breakfast, or a granita di caff con panna to cool off from the hot midday sun, in Italy there is a coffee drink specific for every time and mood.

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