Saturday, 6 July 2013

Antique / Eradicator


What will i be doing?
        Maintaining the quality of antique pieces of stopping their deterioration.

What will i need to start?
        Some knowledge of antiques and their worth something you may learn from an expert. To restore a piece of antique, you'll need bleach, paints, varnish, and simple carpentry tools such as carvers, hammers, measuring tape, and saws. Learn how to appraise the value of antiques and know how they're supposed to look by visiting antique stores.

Who will be my customer be?
         those who have recently bought a piece of antique or are about to sell one. Visit antique store such as Heritage Antique shop Makatie, Antique shop in Blumentrit, San Juan, to establish contacts. You'll also get a lot of work from architects and interio decorators

How much should i charge?
      P300 for small pieces such as picture frames and P200,000 to P300,000 for doors and furniture pieces. A good quote would include the cost of the Materials you'll need to buy plus 50% service charge. The more work you do on a piece, the higher your fee.

How much will i make?
      The price you quote minus all expenses

10. Pest Eradicator

What will i be doing?
        Locating and killing pest.

What will i need to  start?
       Insect sprays, fumigants, and fogging equipment that may cost P10,000 per unit. (One container of insecticide, which is mixed with water and may be good for several applications, costs about P3,500) you may also need an assistant or two and protective gear like goggles, gloves, and body suits

Who will my customer be?
       Office, restaurants, convenience stores, condominiums, and townhouses.

How much should i charge?
P40 to P150 per square meter treated depending on the type of pest you're dealing with

How much will i make?
25 to 50% profit per job after deducting all your expenses.

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