Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Parenting for the future

Parenting Challenge: Parenting for the future

"what is the secret to making my kids successful?"

"how can i best teach my kids to be smarter than i am about money so they won't go through what i went through?"

"children are so different now. How can i help them have a good life?

Parent nowadays are under a lot of pressure to help their children become successful.
The demands on parents today are very different from those our parents had to deal with.
we have to keep up with ever-changing technology-cellular phones, ipods, computer and video games seen to come packaged with this new generation of children. we also have to keep up with the trends of the earlier the better and the more the marrier to help our children become faster and better than the rest. our children are growing up in a world that is very much different from the world we grew up in.
my realization that our children will need a different mindset to be successful in their generation is one of the reason. for the children of today, academic prowess no longer guarantees a secure future, and neither is it the sole determinant of success.
Education remains who have becomes successful without necessarily graduating at the top of their class

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