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Picture - Number smart

Logical Mathematical Intelligence
Number smart

Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, wrote his first computer program when he was in eighth grade on a General Electric Computer that was bought through proceeds from a rummage sale. He took an interest in programming the GE system in BASIC and was excused from math classes to pursue his interest.
Logical mathematical intelligence is the ability to think numerically and in terms of logical reasoning. Number smart children possess a mathematical mind. they are constantly asking questions and are looking for logic or patterns in reasoning. Children who are strong in this intelligence are adept at working with math in everyday life and enjoy experimentation.

Parenting tips on how to raise
Number Smart Entrepreneurs:

1. Encourage experimentation: children who are strong in logical mathematical intelligence are always asking why and trying to figure out how things work. Instead of providing them ready answer, encourage them to find out the answers for themselves, encourage them to find out the answers for themselves. allow them to experiment and strengthen their scientific thinking. They would love to do kitchen experiments using materials they have access to, such as cornstarch and water. if you have the budget, buy them science experiment kits. Take them to science museums and children's museums that will allow them to explore and find answer to their questions.

2. Give your child the opportunity to be a money'ger: Good financial literacy begins when they are young as they are given opportunities to engage in everyday math. you can even go to the extent of involving children in creating a grocery budget so that they become conscious of how much money goes into certain items. This will also help them become responsible consumers. To parents with teenagers, make them accountable for how they spend their allowance by working on a budget.

3. Play Logical mathematical games: children learn best through play. Games you can play can vary form board games, such as monopoly, to chess. Number smart kids enjoy working on brain teasers and logic puzzles that challenge their ability to solve problems. older children and young teens can engage in a number of computer games that encourage problem solving and critical thinking.

Accounting My Allowance
Make children list all the money they receive and their expenses on a credit and debit sheet. This a good financial literacy skill that they can use in the future.

Spatial intelligence:
Picture Smart

Steven Spielberg's father, Arnold, was emotionally remote. But his mother Leah, was indulgent and encourage Steven's interest in making firms. By 12, he'd made his first amateur film, an 8 minute western called The Last Gun, which Steven financed with a tree planting business. Sara Black, Photographer, can trace her love for photography to the very first time she held the Cabbage Patch Kid camera that her parents bought especially for her.
Spatial intelligence is the ability to think in term of images and pictures. children who are picture smart enjoy drawing, designing and are sensitive to visual aesthetics. They are also visual learners and benefit when lessons are presented through pictures or visual imagery.

Parenting tips on how to raise 
Picture Smart entrepreneurs

1. Encourage art explorations:
Greorgia O' Keefe, the famous American painter, once said I found that I could say things with colors and shapes that i had no words for. Children who are strong in spatial intelligence need to express themselves through drawing, painting or creating things. Give your child a freedom wall or freedom board that he can decorate or write on. It can be a wall, blackboard, white board or cork board that your child can use to show his creations. Assemble an art kit with crayons, markers, stickers, glue, special paper, scratch paper, paint and paint brushes, depending on your childs choice of medium. inspire your child by visiting galleries and museums.

2. Teach them to use computer graphics:
since your child is growing up in a world of technology, familiarize her with simple tools that can bring out picture smartness.

3. Unleash creativity through recycled art:
what better way to be sensitive to the environment than by encouraging picture smart kids to create their own inventions and original mixed media art work using recycled objects? It is not only cost effective but very much attuned to the times. in our school, the multiple intelligence international school, our children find new uses for used objects. Old and scratched CD's broken tiles, old bottles, old shoe boxes and scrap material find new life when are made into objects of art.

Memory Scrapbook
You can use scratch paper, notebook or sketch pad. Pull out some old photos and memorabilia and remind your child why these are special. make them unleash their artistic creativity as they draw glue, cut, paint and color their hearts out in making their own memory scrapbook.

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