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Body Smart

Bodily kinesthetic intelligence
Body Smart

Philip knight was a track runner at the University of Oregon. It was there where his interest in running shoes developed, since Bowerman(his track coach) was continually developing new running shoes. In those days, running shoes were of low quality by today’s comparison, with many being made by tire companies and costing as little as $5. knight, not being the best on the team, often found himself experimenting with bowerman’s latest shoes. He later developed a new passion outside sports – to be an entrepreneur. That’s how nike was born.

Bodily kinesthetic intelligence is the ability to skillfully use the body and handle objects. Body smart children need to move to learn. They are hands on learners who process knowledge through bodily sensations or through touching and manipulating objects. Strength in this intelligence can be manifested as the intelligence of the whole body( athlete, dance, actor) as well as the intelligence of the hands (machinist, seamstress, carpenter, surgeon).

Body Smart entrepreneurs:

  1. Get them into a team:
Body Smart children should be given opportunities to be part of a team. Whether in an individual sport like taekwondo or a group sport such as basketball, it is important that they not only regularly engage in exercise but that they learn to be part of a team. Being a real athlete will require the discipline of mind and body so don’t allow them to quit early in the game. Make sure that they know the basics of the sport they are interested in before they can move on to another sport. The rigors of training will pay off and sports will teach children to comment to something and see it .

  1. discover their dancing feet:
Lisa Macuja, proclaimed as the most phenomenal ballerina the Philippines has so far produced. Took her first ballet lesson at 8years old and has not stopped dancing since. She became the first Filipino ballerina to join the kirov Ballet and is now busy nurturing other ballet enthusiasts through Ballet Manila School. Body Smart dancers often explore a range of dances before they find their niche. Lisa Macuja found her first mentor in Felicitas Layag-Radaic, who saw her through five Royal Academy of Dance examinations, which led her to a scholarship. Find your children good mentors to hone their dance skills or expose them to performances and videos of good dance groups.

3.make them work with their hands: do it yourself projects will be a big hit with Body Smart children. They like crating things with their hands, from their own jewelry to 3d models of their favorite dinosaurs or airplanes. Among the more successful ventures in the MI kids can! Bazzars are the wired products that the children have creatd and the one of a kind jewelry that they have assembled. Parents of those strong in the bodily kinesthetic intelligence should take time to create things with them rather then buy ready made ones. Instead of discarding things at home, segregate old things into scrap boxes ( e.g. old buttons, wrapping paper, ribbon, cloth, etc.) so that you have ready materials for projects the your child may want to create. 

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