Sunday, 9 June 2013

entrepreneurial mind

Why the entrepreneurial mind for our children?

about Daniel Pink in
"A Whole New Mind" proposes that we are entering what he call the "Conceptual Age".
the future belongs to a very different kind of people with a very different kind of mindset-people who are creators, big picture thinkers, empathizers and meaning makers.
if this is true, then we have to equip our children with the "success factor", given the vastly different world they are growing up in, where land, capital and knowledge are no longer as prized as they used to.
to be successful in the 21st century, we need to raise children who will be creators, innovators, motivators, leaders, and have good people skills. leadership is redefined and a different kind of mind is valued.
my exposure to education abroad made me realize that i can no longer teach my children.
i valued specialization, they need to be interdisciplinary. i grew up learning the status quo, they need to be creative and innovative. i was shown a leadership model wherein one follows out of respect and fear of authority. they will have to learn to lead out of being respective and liked, instead of feared.

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