Monday, 4 November 2013

Debt - Credit Card

42. Debt 
What will i be doing?
       Converting receivables into cash by collecting payments from your client's debtors

What will i need to start?
       Credibility above everything. you must also establish connection by investing a landline and a mobile phone to contact possible clients

Who will my costumer?
        Any company having trouble collecting receivables. Your clients are likely to include manufacturers, traders, distributors, and direct sellers, Says Ernesto P. Sanchez of Nobility collection agency on marilo building, 1221 a Mabini St. Ermita, Manila. Sanchez has been collecting debts for 15 years

How much should i charge?
       This business based on commission, so your charges will depend on the amount of debt uncollected and how long it has been due. The usual rate is at 20 percent of the uncollected amount, but if the debt has not been collected for more than four years, then you may charge 35percent. The longer the time the debt has remained unpaid, the higher your commission

How much will i make?
        Your commission minus all expenses( transport, telecommunication, internet, snail mail, courier, etc.)

41. Credit card
What will i be doing?
         Calling up or meeting people who can sell the credit card you're offering

What will i need to start?
        A telephone line, a fax machine, and good communication and people skills. ( the more friends and relatives you have, the more referrals you'll get) The bank where the card is affiliated usually conducts seminars for those interested in becoming credit card agents.

Who will my costumers be?
      Your first customers will be your friends, relatives, and neighbors who can then refer you to their friends. ( avoid randomly calling up people listed in the white pages)

How much should i charge?
       None. Your clients do not shell out money to apply for a credit card

How much will i make?
       Depending on the approving bank, P500 to P700 for every mastercard approved and P750 to P1,000 for every Visa Card approved.

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