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Expose your child to good role models let the be your child’s teacher…
Possibilities are limited only by what we are exposed to. The eureka moment of, that’s easy! I can do that! Happens when expose our children to good role models. When have the MI Mentorship program that regularly exposes students to mentors. One time, I was listening to a jewelry designer talk about her craft. The girl next tome, who was fond of trinkets, was so excited and watched the demonstration eagerly. She whispered to me, I thought I was going to be a doctor, but now I know I also want to be a jeweler. Do you think it’s possible to be a doctor-jeweler?

Parent preneur tips
Expose children to experience aligned with their interests and intelligences. Tap friends and relatives who share the same interests with your child(e.g. an uncle who is good at graphic design can teach your child about art). Turn your home into a learning ground. If your husband likes tinkering with cars ask your child to help him. If you like gardening or making crafts, show your child your tools and projects. If you have an elder child or nephew who is very good at designing web pages, make your child observe him. Encourage your child to be an apprentice. Expose your child to different places. Even if you do not have money to spare for travel, expose them to new experiences that don’t really cost much. Go to parks and playgrounds. Museums are great places to visit. Even window shopping with the right mindset can open your child to possibilities. Expose your child to business.

Edgar “Injap” Sia
(CEO, Mang Inasal)
“During my elementary years, I would help out in the family business by manning the cash register in our store in Roxas City(Capiz). I also re packed sugar, noodles and other stuff sold in the store. It was like I was immersed in a business environment. It was a good exposure.”
“Mang Inasal, the Philippine fastest growing barbeque fast food chain was established on December 12, 2003 in Iloilo City. Currently, it has 268 branches nationwide and employs 8,000 people. Man Inasal is doing its share in alleviating the country’s unemployment problems. Jollibee Food Corp. recently bought 70% of the company.

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