Sunday, 26 May 2013



Quezo de bola ice cream with poached pears
1/2 gallon container quezo real ice cream(2 to 3 scoops per person)

Red Poached Pears
2 cup red wine( of your choice)
1 cup sugar
2 cups water
2 pieces orange peel
2 sticks cinnamon
1 vanilla bean
6 yellow pears, peeled and cored

1. In a large pot, combine red wine, sugar, water, orange peel, cinnamon, and vanilla and bring to a boil
2. Reduce to simmer immediately and drop in pears.
3. Cook over medium heat, keeping poaching liquid in a simmer until pears are knife tender, around 20 to 30 minutes. ( do not overcook, or it will not hold its shape)
4. Remove pears from liquid and set aside.
5. strain the poaching liquid and reduce to half.
6. Pour over pears and coo. Soak at least 12 hours to get good color
7. Keep chilled until ready to use.
8. Slice in half.
9. Scoop ice cream into a stem glass bowl. Drape halved poached pears alongside.
10. garnish with mint and some reduced liquid. serves 6.

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