Saturday, 24 May 2014

How Have Morality And Technology Become God

I am overwhelmed at the staggering ideas that somehow god is telling some of us what to do. So many people claim god has given this law or that law or a specific design on morality to them. Yet so often these "god" laws coincidentally match up to what the person wants who is claiming this god law.
It allows the claimer to be right, to have control and to sit in judgement over those with a different set of morals who think there are other ways to live and be.

And I am underwhelmed by the people who continue to not respond intelligently in regards to this constant push and pull and dumbing down of human behavior. Right now it appears we are gathering collectively, intellectually, globally at a fork in the spiritual road. Anger, fear, resentment, selfishness, separation, violence on one path and respect, compassion, service, wisdom, abundance, acceptance on the other.
I hope this is not too trite, or overly simplified and sappy like some new agey wishful thinking. But today I have to talk about it.

I assume God is intelligent. Would any religious person have us believe otherwise about god? If god is intelligent and we are created in "gods" image, then should we not use this intelligence god is and has gifted us and the entire universe with? Some would say we do.

Some would say we don't and others would say we shouldn't. But, here is a thought: Borrowed from certain religious views. If god is an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipowerful force that intelligently created all this universe and if we are created in gods image. Then it follows that we have some elements of this omni-ability.

It suggests we have intelligence that can lead us to behavior that is coherent and respectful of each other and all of life. In the same harmonious way that the "creator" created the perfection of the universe. When we think of the technology, cultures and abilities we have developed and created over time is this not an expressing this intelligence?
It seems the creator tinkered with some things such as dinosaurs, meteors, star systems, black holes, bacteria, fungus, light speed etc. If so, why does this tinkering of intellectual expression stop with technology and not continue on into personal power?

It seems our measure of intelligence and human growth over millennia is our capacity for making things? Highly advanced technology. Why do we separate god from technology? And believe in god that has created laws and morality that is not connected to technology?
Or if it is connected to technology and creativity why do we allow ourselves to create technology that is destructive? We have created this human modern world that is dirty and apparently self-destructive. Is that a reflection of this god like intelligence?

In what way does this express "created in gods image"? Are we really listening to everything that "god" is telling us?
All of the issues in this political climate are too numerous to state here. If we are being morally encouraged and or judged by people who believe god is guiding them in morality then the intelligence of this morality must include the technologies we create and continue to develop.

Technologies that are convenient, helpful, dirty and destructive and which can be used for good as well as bad. Including food, cars, fuels, phones, fertilizers, poisons, clothing, shoes, electricity, medical science, guns, bombs, cameras, computers, paint, chemicals; do you get my drift with this?

It is a list of how we are and what we do that goes on and on. And yet somehow science (certain science) sex, prayer, patriotism, art, education are the realm of gods' morality laws. Ecology, corporations, banking, business, gadgetry, are exempt. And of course worship houses, war, prison, police and courts, are the absolute realm of these morality laws; using the technology to enforce them.
How does our technology, that grows and changes over time, relate to these laws and moralities handed down by god? This is not a rhetorical question I really want to know.

I have heard people say that satan is at work in much of this. That there is a war between god and satan. If so do the god law morality people continue to sin by using the technologies created or inspired by satan? Are we fooling ourselves to think that God and Satan are really controlling things?

I am not a christian, muslim, jew, hindu, buddhist, sufi, or any other religious order. I read and study and discuss with people regarding all of them. I am a man of earth, I am spirit wearing skin. I am really baffled by the right and wrong, blame and shame discussions that go on with humans.

And now we function at such a large scale that the absurdity of thinking one way is right over billions of people is as I said overwhelming and really just not smart. I also realize that simply by writing and posting this I am in the mix of this morality discussion. I am doing my best to be nonjudgemental and it is a real challenge when people say and do things affecting me and my loved ones that are punitive, mean spirited, violent, angry and disdainful in the name of god.

All the while espousing how god loves us...all of us.
So the place I am in today and the way I choose to live is; I continue to serve, help and offer solace. I will watch and listen for injustice and do my best to act in a healthy manner. But humans have the choice to evolve into higher being or not. To breathe vitriol or to breathe respect.
Our high technology puts us in this exciting place right now. Instant communication, collective actions, potential for immense growth, or immense destruction. I am not sure which fork in the spiritual road we are taking but I continue to be a hopeful pessimist.

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